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Top 5 Blockchain Development Companies In Asia!

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15 Aug, 2021

Asia has the most extensive IT sector that includes some of the best blockchain development companies.

This article lists 5 such leading blockchain development companies in Asia.

Solu Lab

Solu Lab specializes in developing enterprise-level blockchain permission systems. The public blockchains offer anonymity to the nodes, but the information is publicly available. Businesses that expect ultimate privacy move towards enterprise-level blockchains.

Solu Lab helps companies build their blockchain that can be accessed only by the engaging parties. The data in enterprise-level blockchain are connected by a linked list.

Solu Lab has a top-notch team that builds both Public and Private Blockchains, enabling the enterprises to maintain confidentiality with the bespoken use of technology.


NexusLab brings innovative transformations to businesses worldwide. NexusLab helps you design and develop private and public blockchain, specific to your industry and business. NexusLab enables businesses to save operational and infrastructure costs by greatly improving data synchronization across organizations.

Right from peer-to-peer applications, self-executing smart contracts, to enterprise DApps, NexusLab delivers custom blockchain software solutions for businesses with its hands-on experience in blockchain technology.

NexusLab offers:

  • Blockchain Technology Consulting

  • Blockchain Supply Chain management

  • Decentralized Exchange

  • Blockchain wallet

  • Smart Contracts Development

  • Custom Blockchain Development

  • DApps Development

Parangat Technologies

Parangat Technologies has an experience of more than 8 years in blockchain development., having a stance as one of the leading blockchain development companies in Asia. The company has its office in India as well, serving clients all over the world.

In addition to blockchain development, Parangat is a consultant on blockchain technology helping businesses plan a proper on-chain strategy.

Osiz Technologies

Osiz Technologies is another big name in the Indian country in the field of blockchain development with experience of over a decade. 

Being located in the Southern state of India, it has no other big competitors in its region. Osiz has a dedicated team of developers and consultants that specialize in the blockchain space. 

Osiz Technologies facilitates blockchain in the field of transportation, healthcare, etc.

Rejotut Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Rejotut Technology Solutions works on various verticals of marketing, product, and technology, filling the gap between vision and execution using custom Blockchain development.

It has two deployment centers, and 20+ workforce across the globe, and a passionate team obsessed with speed and quality delivery systems. In addition to Blockchain development, Rejotut also provides Python and mobile app development services.





NexusLab is a Blockchain Development and software LAB which operates on the latest AI and Machine learning algorithms.

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