Security Services

Secure your business tothe core

Utilising advanced technology has its challenges, and organizations must secure and protect their infrastructure. Our digital security services can help in managing your identities, business applications, and people, including third party aggregators and vendors.


Security Design

Eliminate security risks and enhance ease of scalability. Assess the design and architecture of the Blockchain ecosystem to eliminate possible loopholes from the design.


Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing

Our approach includes conducting an efficient system audit to uncover vulnerabilities through ethical hacking and rigorous cyber security penetration testing.


Cyber Risk Assessment

We provide the best strategies to mitigate business risks through critical threat analysis, industry-based attack probability scanning, compliance auditing, impact assessment and continuous managed risk assessment.


Cloud Security Solutions

With a robust cloud deployment architecture and dedicated security measures for migration and management, we assist you by minimizing network-wide cloud-specific risks.


Technology Audit

Review the technology and processes in Blockchain systems, E.g., Application Platforms, Distributed Ledgers, Consensus Protocols, Smart Contracts, and Cryptography, etc. using our exclusive governance framework.


API & VM Review

Assess and Review services hosting the platform, SDKs, and APIs used by the applications to communicate with the Blockchain ecosystem.

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